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i dont need anything but clothes if anyone can help me please let me know i wear size 7 in jeans and size medium in shirts and 7 in shoes ..please in desprate need !!
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How does this work?
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I'm Raja from India,working as a coolie in a small shop.I've been married two years ago without the acceptance of my parents because of some religious disputes.So we don't have any helping hand.I've borrowed some money for my wife's educational purpose and for setting up a family. At that time we got a mail that we have won some amount.We felt with that we can clear our debts.But thay cheated us lefting us witheven more debts and problems. Now I'm not getting enough salary.I'm paying Rs.5000INR per month as interest for my debts.Now along with me my wife is also suffering with these problems.We are facing a lot of problem for food and even for paying rent to my house. To clear all these,I need Rs.300,000INR i.e.,$5878.61.If anyone can help me financially,I'll surely return it in some monthly installments. Please help us,We don't have any other way to clear this.May be god had shown us this way.Please help us... If its a big amount to ask,I don't pretend you to donate such a big,but please atleast try to donate the amount you would like to help us.Please we are struggling a lot.i'll pay it back after a period of time..
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I am currently looking for either free dental or very low cost dental. I have numerous broken teeth, and a cavity in my front tooth. i don't want to lose it... if you know of any place that can help me please let me know.. thank you
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Victory and Faith
You are awesome!! all the information you have obtained and shared is great,I Thank You. you show friendship in Action !! Karina Victory and Faith
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Hi there! my name is JayR and I'm new to this website and need someone that might can help me with how to get the best possible results on getting some immediate help! I'm just kinda reaching out right now
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Hi, I am so new at asking anyone for help. I have a full time job, and have worked at it for 8 years. Before this job, I have always worked. I live with my husband, who is out of work,and living with severe back pain daily after 2 surgeries. My 38 yr old son, who is disabled, lives with us. I have always been able to make it, but for quite a long time now, I just cannot afford food. All of my checks go on bills and necessities such as gas for my car to get back and forth to work every day. I honestly don't know how I have kept things together this long, but, after 3 paychecks go by,(I get paid every 2 weeks) I have to buy food, and never over 150.00 worth,on that week, I have to let my power bill go...I don't mind working to pay my bills, ( I don't even own a credit card)but it's so hard to go to the kitchen after work each day to try to find the foods to put together for a meal, when all you have in there is a random can of corn, or a can of beets....I don't get any public assistance, and probably would not qualify for it anyway, because I do work. I just need food so badly....
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Hello I seen your post on aidpage. I was recently in an auto accident in which it left me in a wheelchair after they did the surgery. It wasn't suppose to happen that way but it did. I have 2 children age 13 and 10 and I looking for someone to adopt my kids for christmas but I can find out any information on how it's done. I never had done this before so it's new to me.Someone said something about toys for toys but I don't have transportation due to I rely on medi service to help me in my wheelchair and load me to my appointments but they don't do other things like go to toys for tots. I'm a single mother so it's hard. Do you know of any place that could sponser my children for christmas this year? We'll I if you do could you please send me the information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time God Bless.
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Hey, I saw your post on Local 26. Im currently an apprentice there. I was in the military till I got medically separated. I was wondering how much money I would get from my GI bill if I used it for this school
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I hope that what it says by your profile is true. Good to see you back in here. How have you been.I'm not the only one. Later.
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Please, if anyone knows where I can get a used small sedan; husband & I are both disabled-55+; Just lost my PT job-10 HRS/WK $7.25/hr. Now need the little amt saved for a car(not much) to use for food. Limited income on SSDI-marriage penalty in PA-Make $5 too much to qualify for food stamps. Both of us woerked full time, until numerous health problems took over.
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i'm in some real need of help. i'm a retired army Ranger, my wife blew me off a year ago, my son, also a Ranger, was killed in Iraq in January and although, historically, although I was extremely successful, the conflation of my age, the economy, and some bad decisions have left me with nothing. I'm now in Alameda County but need to leave the friend's house in a few daya; have not been able to find ANY job at any pay level and have no money for a new place to live. I do get food stamps and am fully insured.
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Hello lovely lady ... Hope you are hanging in there ... miss you! Sending you big hugs and many blessings of health, energy, and laughter .. I love your kitty pic by the way, ... of course, right?! LOL. Write me when you can my dear. Cat
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Please visit my page...Help for rent, carpayment can repay you....
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 in response to mommaofmany56...   Are you asking for help for Christmas 2011?
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positive thoughts
Hello, How are you? How is your husband? I pray all went well. God Bless
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Hello friendshelp, In trying to help a person who needs rent monies for this month.....I started searching for resources for New Mexico. I got a hit on your page here and there was so MANY bits of info....I just copied and pasted it to her. I am hoping that is ok with you. It was GREAT for me, because I found the info on your husband surgery procedure! Thank You for sharing such complete info! I had to stop and read the whole thing. Of course I stopped and said a prayer for your husband. I am hoping he has recovered from the procedure. And, that it was a complete success! I may have something similar. I love your 'puppy' fashion photo's! They are soooo adorable! Again, please forgive me if it is a no-no on coping your info and passing it along. I mean no offense by doing so. Hope all is well! Aidmate, Sandav1
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am Permanently disabled on SSDI due to degenerative arthritis in both thumb/wrists. I have had 11 surgeries and many joints fused and bones removed. I wish to relocate to AZ from Minnesota because the cold climate causes chronic pain that I can no longer tolerate. I have lived in Tucson, AZ before and feel the dry climate would help very much. I would like to work again if I am able without pain. Please help me I dont know where to find the right grant to apply for relocation and even cannot write my own grant to apply. I need direction.
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Hi Friends, I was told that you may know of some work at home positions availalbe, do you know of any?
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