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If you go through all the requests on this site, everyone seems to be in the same boat.  Majority needing money.  I am no exception.  I need $10,000 now.  I am not physically able to work out of the house due to my Lupus, but I can work on my computer.  I have several businesses I have started on the internet, but it takes time before money starts to generate, time that I don't have.  Basically September 19, 2008 is dooms day for me.

I keep praying, and praying, and hoping, and wishing for some miracle to happen, someone will see, someone will understand, that will feel the need to help.  If anyone is out there and would like to help, you can donate to me through Alertpay.  Just click on the links below. 

Click Here To Donate $5.00

Click Here To Donate $10.00

This is an update to this post.  It was the very first one I posted on Aidpage.  At the time I was so desperate.  As of October 23, 2009, I was $30,167.00 owing on back payments.  No way in the world was I going to be able to come up with that kind of money.  But the mortgage company was able to do a modification loan for us.  They forgave the $30,167.00 and reduced our house payment to $1,557.67 per month.  

Strangely enough, our house was up for auction 3 different times.  By the grace of God, no one put a bid in on it.  The house is saved now.  The payment is still a little steep since I am not able to work, but it is workable.  I just have to be more creative in my ways in making money off the Internet.

Sometimes when you least expect it, things will work out.  Just keep the hope and faith.

Update September 8, 2010......

The economy got us, even with the modication, we couldn't do it.  Our loan escalated to $329,000 and the house is only worth $250,00.  The bank was very generous, HA!  They give us another variable loan that will go up every year for another 5 years, topping out at $2,500, and a 40 year term to pay.  Darn, I am 55 now, and on my grave stone they can state she died from trying to save her house..... NOT!

By letting the house go in foreclosure, we were able to get rid of the $329,000 loan.  We do not owe anything else.

Now the chore is trying to find somewhere to live....

But it will happen...


Foreclosue And What It Has Done To Our Family

If you are going through a foreclosure, please read this.....

This is what happened to me and my family.....

We live in Sacramento, California so if you are in a different state, you will have to look up your state's foreclosure process....

We made a decision to let our house go when our mortgage payment increased to $2,300 a month, our loan to $329,000 and the house worth $180,000.  These are really sad numbers.  We could wait it out to see if things would turn around or we could be agressive and bite the bullet.  We decided to bite the bullet.

Once our mortage filed a notice of default and had it recorded, we had 90 days to come up with the default payments which amounted to $15,000..... this was not workable for us, we have bad credit and no way to get it.... so we waited the 90 days out trying to save as much as we could. 

Then after the 90 days, we were sent notice of sale which was within 21 days.  We still had till 5 days before the sale to make the default payments, we didn't have the money.  We couldn't refinance and we couldn't get a modification. 

So on 9/8/10, are house was sold back to the mortgage company at 9 am.  On 9/9/10, the appointed realty company showed up and offered us $1,500 keys for cash if we could be moved out by 9/18/10.  We tried, but medical issues came up and I was going to have to have surgery on my eye.  When the real estate respresentiative came back on 9/18/10, I begged with him to give us another 7 days and he said he would.  On 9/25/10, we still couldn't do it.  So when the respentative showed up I asked what would happed now, he said the mortgage company would precede with the eviction process.

So in a panic, we stayed and waited for the next move from the mortgage company.  What people don't know, is it can be a long process before you actually have to move.

I didn't have money for a lawyer, so I did my own research.  You cannot be physically removed from the house until a writ of possession has been filed with the court and given to the sheriff......

On 10/13/10, we were served with 3 day Notice to Quit or get out basically.  Okay, panic set again.  But, BY LAW, the mortgage company cannot legally throw you out.  So we waited for the next move.

On 10/21/10 my eye surgery was performed and I was not able to do anything for about 2 weeks.  I had to keep my head down to give the eye time to heal.

On 10/24/10 we were served with an Unlawful Detainer stating that the mortgage company had filed and the Sacramento County Superior Court that we were being sued.  Okay, here I can't do anything because of my eye, and now what was going to happen.

In the summons, you have 5 days from receipt to file an answer back as to why you believe you should not be evicted.  I took a chance to see if this would work.  It did.  I went down to the court house, not being able to see and filed the necessry papers.  It cost $180 to file, but I got a waiver because I do not work.

Once that was filed, the mortgage company HAD TO request a court date to hear my side of the story.  This is by law.  On November 23, the mortgage company requested a hearing date, and the court set a time for December 15.

This gave enough time for my eye to heal enough and start to get things in place and start packing.  I missed my court date due to medical problems with my dad.  So now again, I am in a panic.

The mortgage company filed a Default of Judgement and issued a Writ of Possession.  We were served with eviction papers on Christmas Eve and are scheduled for lock out on January 3, 2011.

But there is still something we can do to buy time.  We have found a house who will accept us, but I don't think we can get everything moved by Sunday night.  Besides, it has been raining here everyday.

Today I am going to court to file a Stay of Eviction.  I can do this if i feel it will cause an extreme hardship on us.  So I have to call the mortgage company to let them know what I am doing by 9 am and then go to the court and talk with their free legal advisers as to the paperwork needed, then wait to see the judge personally to explain my situation.  This is not a trial.  This is for a sincere legal hardship request.  The judge can reward up to 40 days if required.  I am asking until the end of January.  Once that is done, then I have to run approved paperwork over to the Sheriff's office to stop the evicion on January 3.  This worked, and the judge gave us till January 18, 2011 to get moved.

After that, we wll be moved and have gotten rid of the $329,000 loan and can start fresh.

So you see, if you are willing to go the mile, you can get the time needed to find some place else.

Although I have to admit, if you get stressed easily, this can really cause a problem.  But it can be done.

Say a prayer for me today as I go to court and let God speak to the judge to give us just a little more time till the end of January.

Thanks Everyone


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woman in a shoe   in reply to deedeeme
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for some years now. All we can do is give u information where u mite get help. Call 211 give them the information they ask u than tell them what u need help with they will give u places to call they will help if they got the funds if they don't have the funds call back in a few weeks and see if they got the funds.
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looking for help utility disabled elderly adult and 1 small child under 2 years old . lights have been disconnected since end of February 2015. the third adult living in the home had a stroke in May of 2015. need help Please
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sandrine
The only thing I can think of talk to the news stations or the radio station hope this can help u good luck
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SisterServant   in reply to sandrine
Dear sandrine,
You might list your case on to see if you get anyone willing to contribute.

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I just got diagnosed with an invasive breast cancer and Paget disease,going through chemo at the moment, then will get mastectomy,and radiation.with all my medical bills and raising 3 young children(10,7,6) can't afford a trip to Disney world.we live in central florida but can't afford park there any agency that could make this wish come true and have a wonderful day with my kids and family? thanks in advance
Talk to sandrine
My son was diagnosed with All -- Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia On May 22, two days before his High school Graduation. He has had a trying time since his diagnosis to the point that his body could not tolerate the chemo anymore due to complications. Dec 9th he underwent a bone marrow transplant, and his donor was his brother. My boys are close and they are even closer now after having to go through this. I am so very proud of my boys and I am looking for an organization that will help me give them a vacation from everything they have been through. My son that was diagnosed didn't even get to do anything for his graduation as most graduates do, because he was in and out of the hospital and had to make himself a priority. Can you give me some organizations that will help a 19 year old?
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Dj sha
Talk to Dj sha
Please, in need of resources. I am a single mother who abrubtly moved back to Mass. to protect a child from his parents drug use. I have just gotten a job, and am desperate for housing, clothing, etc., I have contacted and applied for several types of aid. I am homeless and Christmas is not looking good. Please contact me at
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check the dental page, looks like in the comments there are people requesting some of the information to be updated. Especially for union Gospel Mission. Thanks for your hard work to provide all these resources as well!
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Could you read the post I made to your free dental care site. Please change this information about Union Gospel Mission Dental Clinic because you are giving a lot of people the wrong information.
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Hey Im a mom of two who was evicted. Due to last resorts my whole life is in storage Im about to lose all that I have because I have no way of paying it. Right now Im on unpaid maternity leave please help me never been in a situation like this I have no one to turn to.
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i dont need anything but clothes if anyone can help me please let me know i wear size 7 in jeans and size medium in shirts and 7 in shoes ..please in desprate need !!
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How does this work?
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I'm Raja from India,working as a coolie in a small shop.I've been married two years ago without the acceptance of my parents because of some religious disputes.So we don't have any helping hand.I've borrowed some money for my wife's educational purpose and for setting up a family. At that time we got a mail that we have won some amount.We felt with that we can clear our debts.But thay cheated us lefting us witheven more debts and problems. Now I'm not getting enough salary.I'm paying Rs.5000INR per month as interest for my debts.Now along with me my wife is also suffering with these problems.We are facing a lot of problem for food and even for paying rent to my house. To clear all these,I need Rs.300,000INR i.e.,$5878.61.If anyone can help me financially,I'll surely return it in some monthly installments. Please help us,We don't have any other way to clear this.May be god had shown us this way.Please help us... If its a big amount to ask,I don't pretend you to donate such a big,but please atleast try to donate the amount you would like to help us.Please we are struggling a lot.i'll pay it back after a period of time..
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I am currently looking for either free dental or very low cost dental. I have numerous broken teeth, and a cavity in my front tooth. i don't want to lose it... if you know of any place that can help me please let me know.. thank you
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Victory and Faith
You are awesome!! all the information you have obtained and shared is great,I Thank You. you show friendship in Action !! Karina Victory and Faith
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Hi there! my name is JayR and I'm new to this website and need someone that might can help me with how to get the best possible results on getting some immediate help! I'm just kinda reaching out right now
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Hi, I am so new at asking anyone for help. I have a full time job, and have worked at it for 8 years. Before this job, I have always worked. I live with my husband, who is out of work,and living with severe back pain daily after 2 surgeries. My 38 yr old son, who is disabled, lives with us. I have always been able to make it, but for quite a long time now, I just cannot afford food. All of my checks go on bills and necessities such as gas for my car to get back and forth to work every day. I honestly don't know how I have kept things together this long, but, after 3 paychecks go by,(I get paid every 2 weeks) I have to buy food, and never over 150.00 worth,on that week, I have to let my power bill go...I don't mind working to pay my bills, ( I don't even own a credit card)but it's so hard to go to the kitchen after work each day to try to find the foods to put together for a meal, when all you have in there is a random can of corn, or a can of beets....I don't get any public assistance, and probably would not qualify for it anyway, because I do work. I just need food so badly....
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Hello I seen your post on aidpage. I was recently in an auto accident in which it left me in a wheelchair after they did the surgery. It wasn't suppose to happen that way but it did. I have 2 children age 13 and 10 and I looking for someone to adopt my kids for christmas but I can find out any information on how it's done. I never had done this before so it's new to me.Someone said something about toys for toys but I don't have transportation due to I rely on medi service to help me in my wheelchair and load me to my appointments but they don't do other things like go to toys for tots. I'm a single mother so it's hard. Do you know of any place that could sponser my children for christmas this year? We'll I if you do could you please send me the information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time God Bless.
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